ssssssssssss…..slithers into the shadows……………..



more sleepy time fic… ven is a nervous one ^q^….

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i finally installed a dash theme because the dark blue hurts my eyes so much when i set my backlight to low

??? when is tumbrl going to change its background color its seriously an eyestrain


——— 2014 ———

Calendar 2014 - Static Preview - Install

  • This is made as a theme if you want to use it as a page then follow these steps.
  • First edit the calendar on a seperate blog. Save it when you’re happy with the results and go to the blog. Then you hold ctrl+u down and copy that code (all of it). Now make a page (custom layout) and insert the code you just copied and save.

——— 2014 & 2015 ———

Calendar 2014-15 - Static Preview - Install

  • Click the years (in the side) to show/hide the calendars.
  • If default show, enable “Show2014” or/and “Show2015” in customize.

—— Install information above.

—— Instructions for events (and inspiration) are in the code!

—— Video Tutorials (if it’s still not working out for you)

Christmas present for you guys! Thank you for a great year ^^

instead of working on my paper i have decided i will make a mixtape